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Why the Partnership 

There is no doubt that all agencies involved in the prevention & solving of anti-social behaviour (ASB) & crime are experiencing significant resource pressures at a time when the level of negative activity faced by businesses is rising.

Running any kind of business currently is challenging enough without having to deal with rising levels of theft, verbal & physical abuse and ASB etc. However, we also see low levels of actual reporting to the agencies that have a statutory responsibility to deal with this activity – often because of time pressures of reporting, complex & non-user friendly methods, or a perceived lack of response or enforcement.

Thus the creation of the conurbation wide ‘Against Business Crime’ driven & funded by the three Business Improvement Districts in Poole and Bournemouth addresses.

Full support

Having the full buy in & support from the Police, local authority & the Police Crime Commissioner.

Easier reporting

Making it easier & quicker to report ASB & crime.

Business support

Giving businesses the support to fill in & supply information on ASB & retail crime activity more efficiently.

Faster response

Provide the Police & local authority with more accurate & faster data to identify these individuals, hotspots & trends.

Better results

Hold those statutory bodies to account for
activity & results.

Safety & security, across all of the BID areas is one of the
top-rated issues in terms of concern – so that’s why the BIDs
have come together – to address that concern & to support our businesses with positive & practical action

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