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How does it work?

If you are a levy paying business owner in either the Poole, Bournemouth Town Centre or Bournemouth Coastal BID areas you can join ‘Against Business Crime’ free of charge as part of your membership of the BID.

In addition to full access to the Sentry App and all of the benefit that will bring, each BID levy paying business will have the services of a Business Crime Liaison Officer (BCLO) on hand to help with the signing up process, training and to discuss and help with any concerns that you have about business crime in your area, and if necessary to help with compiling a Crime Report for Dorset Police in the unfortunate event that this is necessary.

If you are not a levy paying business located in Bournemouth or Poole, you can join ‘Against Business Crime’ via UKPAC for a fee of £20.00 per month to enable full access to the Sentry App. 


If your business is located in Christchurch, whether or not you are a BID levy paying business, you can join ‘Against Business Crime’ via UKPAC for a fee of £20.00 per month to enable full access to the Sentry App. 

NB: If you have more than one business premises across BCP, then each location will be required to sign up separately in accordance with the above.


Intelligence Sharing: Through the use of the SentrySIS platform

We will create a network of businesses committed to sharing information on potential risks, incidents, and suspicious activities to enhance the overall safety of the community, business owners and the staff that work for them.

Training and Workshops

Members will be given access to specialised training programs and workshops designed to equip businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and respond to various types of business-related crime.

Alerts and Updates

Members will receive timely alerts and updates on local crime trends, emerging threats, and preventative measures to stay informed and prepared.

Partnership Events

Members will be offered the opportunity to engage in networking events, seminars, and forums where businesses can connect with law enforcement, security experts, and fellow business owners to foster collaboration.

Resources and Toolkits

Members will be able to access a variety of resources, including crime prevention toolkits, best practices, and guidelines to assist in implementing effective security measures.

Join today and make a real difference.

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