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‘Against Business Crime’ is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership founded by Poole, Bournemouth Town Centre and Bournemouth Coastal BIDs.

Businesses from all sectors within BCP can join ‘Against Business Crime’.  It is a simple truth that the more businesses that are involved, the more effective the Business Crime Reduction Partnership. 

Our goal is to create a resilient and connected business community that actively works together to prevent and deter crimes affecting businesses within the conurbation by way of a crime management software system called SentrySIS.

SentrySIS is a secure cloud-based platform that will support us in the identification, reduction and management of crime in a much more efficient way. 


The core of the system is simple to use where technology does all the hard work so that ‘Against Business Crime’ stakeholders can focus on running the partnership successfully. Not only does the system save time and people resource, but the software also offers a secure solution for data sharing and criminal analysis between all stakeholders operating in a close proximity area, across borders or wider geographical locations.


This ‘turn-key’ solution is fully functional on any desktop computer, tablet or mobile device connected to the internet with no additional software needed, so businesses will have 24/7 access and a user friendly interface to not only report crime, but also crucially to receive crime updates back.  It also has a ‘Chat’ function for immediate message communication with localised users.

Using a Touch Phone

Real time crime incidents and threats being experienced can be reported immediately between neighbours via the Sentry App, across all sectors and businesses throughout the conurbation. The more information that is shared the more effective businesses can be in protecting themselves and their neighbours from the threat of business crime.


For this reason, the founding BIDs want to ensure that membership is not limited solely to levy paying businesses within their areas. 


It does not matter how small or big your business is, the primary goal of ‘Against Business Crime’ is to create a safer, more connected business community in Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole.

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Join today and make a real difference.

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